• Daily Schedule / Horario del día

    Theme Day: SUPERHERO DAY

    1. Watch Mr. Thorne's Announcements (scroll down) / Mira los anuncios de Mr. Thorne

    2. Phonics (or Nearpod code RCQBD)

    3. Reading Fluency Practice (or Nearpod code XBEOL)

    4. Writing (or Nearpod code ZOCNB)

    5. Read Aloud

    6. Math in English (code - QHXRL) (ONLY students from Miss Mitchell and Mr. Ailshie's class)  (SOLAMENTE para estudiantes de Mrs. Mitchell y Mr. Ailshie)

    7. Matemáticas en Español (ONLY for Dual Immersion Students) (CÓDIGO: QRYOU)

    8. Español (ONLY for Dual Immersion Students) (CÓDIGO: MWSIH)

    9. Independent Reading (30 minutes DAILY)

    10. May Do Activities: Don't forget to click here for lessons from our Specialists

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    Independent Reading

    Students we would like you spend 30 minutes every day on reading independently.  Please try a variety of your choices instead of always doing the same thing.

    • Learning Target: I can improve my reading and comprehension skills.
      • Please choose from these options:
        • Read to Self (book of your choice)
        • RAZ Kids
        • Storyline Online
        • Epic
    • Success Criteria:
      • Show stamina to work on reading for the whole 30 minutes.
      • Show your comprehension through quizes or retelling to someone.