• 3rd Grade GATE

    *I have videos for each day on TEAMS that are located in our Old Mill GATE team.  I explain their must’s for the day! 

    Hey Kids!  I miss you all. 


  • May Do’s


    Watch the Videos of Real Time with Miller Time


    Then you can: create content for Real Time with Miller Time:  Ideas but not limited to:



    -Funny pet videos

    -Weather report

    -“Caught YOU being Kind” Find people being kind to one another! Try and catch them on video or write it in!

    -Comics!  Student created comics that I can show on “air”

    -Art work submissions

    -How to draw something

    -How to do something



    Create a clips of:

    Your pet

    Your family

    Things you like

    Things you miss

    Where you want to go

    A story!