• Dear Parents,


    Thank you for all of your commitment to making this online learning experience great! This week we have parent conferences, so please make sure you have scheduled your conference with your teacher. For assignments this week, your child will be working in OneNote. Your child will have one of two pages. A page for missing work that your child needs to complete or a page of May Do’s. This week there will not be a work tracker sent home due to the difference in assignments for each student. Your teacher will be very busy on Monday and Thursday, so if you need help with something expect a delayed response by the next day.

    DLI Spanish will include a list of may do’s or missing assignment page.

    There will be some fun activities this week for your student. Please make sure you check Old Mill’s Website for information about these fun activities like field day at home. Have a great week!


     Thank you for all of your support!


    OME 4th grade team