• Hello and Welcome to online learning week 8!!!

    We hope you are all doing well and maintaining a good school routine. Try and keep a consisitent routine each school day! We love and miss your kiddos! Give them a hug for us.  


    HUGE SHOUT OUT to those that are doing waterford 4 x's a week. We have been checking your progress, keep up the great work!!!



    We loved our zoom call last week, and having a special art project as our focus. Thanks to Ms. Brown for helping us with that. This week we will be touring our school library and meeting Ms. Evans. Don't miss our call Wednesday @ 10 am for both AM & PM classes


    c      e  . r  .  b  .   s


    School Lunch Menu: Take advantage of this great resource: Served Daily from 11-12:30

    lunch menu