• We Miss You!!


    • Green words are hyperlinks, click on them
    • Blue writing is for DLI students.


    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are TWO ways to login to Nearpod.

    1. Students can sign in by pushing the Nearpod app nearpod on their iPad, and then type in the teacher code or
    2. Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.


  • Must Do’s

    Work Tracker



    • Review Skills:

    Math Facts:

    Reflex: Reach a green light daily


    DUE THURSDAY May 14th

    Math Nearpod’s

    Watch and complete the Nearpod and answer EVERY question. This will be graded so do your best work: GO TO YOUR TEACHERS PAGE and Include your FULL name


    • New Skills


    Nearpod: Add and Subtract

    Join with this CODE at Nearpod or in the app (On student iPads):

    Wilkinson: CGTUS

    Smith: EWPZN

    Lamb: JGEDV

    Ricks: FRZHL

    Blue: KDUSV

    Green: ESXKZ


    Nearpod: Multiply and Divide

    Join with this CODE at Nearpod or in the app (On student iPads):

    Wilkinson: EXUCV

    Smith: GRTUP

    Lamb: ALHZT

    Ricks: TICLE

    Blue: VOCRY

    Green: GPEIJ


    Math Test CFA: CFA Multi. Step



    • Review Skills



    80 minutes a week

    Let us know your totals at the end of the week


    No Readworks this week!



    • New Skills


    Nearpod: Honeybees and Wasps Compare and Contrast

    Join with this CODE at Nearpod or in the app (On student iPads):

    Wilkinson: RJASX

    Smith: QYVTN

    Lamb: HLKTG

    Ricks: QPINV

    Blue: VPLAC

    Green: APNWO


    TEST: Honeybee and Wasps Compare and Contrast Essay

    Utah Compose:

    Outline and Article

    Read the article about Honeybees and Wasps. Create a Venn Diagram and write a 2-paragraph essay explaining the similarities and differences between them.

    Blue and Green Classes:

    Must Dos:

      • SPANISH NEARPOD MUST-DO: El Juramento code: INTWE
      • Half of the reading (at least 40 minutes) should be done in Spanish. Some awesome Spanish reading is found at thespanishexperiment.com and getepic.com


  • May Do’s


    Draw a Bee: See Nearpod!




    Mystery Science- 

    What Makes Bridges So Strong


    How can you go faster down a slide? 


    Khan Academy: Fraction Extension Lesson and Activity

    Adding Fraction Practice


    Author read-aloud: Pick an author read-aloud to listen to from this list or another one you find yourself. 


    Math Challenges!


     Math Challenge

    Math Challenge

    Math Challenge

    Math Playground


    Virtual field trips: Follow one of the links in this document (or another one that you find on your own) to go on a virtual field trip to explore another part of the world. Take advantage of all the amazing free learning that's being offered! 


    Stem Project: 

    Popsicle Stick Catapult




    Blue and Green Classes:

    May do:

    • For extra Spanish practice got to Maestra Clark's Padlet on her teacher website for review games, activities, and uploads.
    • Watch the Read-Aloud videos that will be posted on the class pages on Monday in Teams and comment.
    • No Optional Friday meeting this week due to Maestra Clark being in teacher trainings. ¡Nos vemos la próxima semana!