• Daily Schedule

    1. Morning announcements with Mr. Thorne click here

    2. Literacy with Ms. Henry.

    3. Math with Mrs. Knight or Spanish with Ms. Ibarra for Dual Immersion Students.

    4. Waterford (15-25 minutes on students iPads)

    5. Raz-Kids (15 minutes on students iPads)

    6. Imagine Learning (15 minutes for Dual Immersion Students)

    7. Additional Learning Activities with Mrs. Fillmore.

    Click here for a Nearpod Tutorial.

  • Literacy

    target I can write the the long vowel words and write the high-frequency words.

    Click here for a Nearpod of today's lesson.

     Heidi Song "This"

    Heidi Song "Saw"

    Fluency Nearpod Lesson

    Waterford App  Waterford (15-25 minutes on your student's iPad)

    Raz-Kids  Raz-Kids (15 minutes on your students iPad)

    Click here for Raz-Kids log in page (you will need to know your teacher username)

  • Spanish 

    (for Dual Immersion)

    Language Arts

    target I can learn action words.

    target  I can read sentences in Spanish.

    target  I can sing one song in Spanish.

    target  I can match vocabulary to pictures.


    Click here for the Nearpod lesson. 

     Imagine Learning  Imagine Learning for 15 minutes on students iPad. 


    target I can practice my additions.

    target  I can think in 2 numbers that together make  a number.



  • Additional Learning Opportunities with Mrs. Fillmore 


    Click here for poem and helicopter project 



    Please see tab to the left side for Specialists.  

    You may also click here for that page.