• Dear Parents, 

    We as Kindergarten teachers are asking that you spend about an hour of literacy and about an hour of math each day. We will provide these hours of instruction each day on this website.

    If you have a Dual Immersion Student you can either add additional time for Spanish during your child's day or you can choose to use the Spanish links for your child's math instruction. Another option might be to do a little bit of both.

    Each day you will find a Daily Schedule.  We are asking that you complete the activites that are listed each day with your student.  If they are looking for additional activites, at the bottom of our page you will find a link to an Additional Resource page. Here you will find lessons from our specialists (Library, PE, Art, and more). 

    If you are experiencing any technical problems with your students iPads, we ask you to first restart the iPad, then, if you are still having problems, you can contact the district tech support for help.  That information is found on our Midway Home Page.  



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