• Welcome to Week 7!

    Thank goodness for the warmer weather!  Hopefully everyone was able to get outside last week and enjoy the sunshine. 

    This week we are switching gears a little and moving to a farm theme.  We will be talking about animals and how they live and grow. You will also get to meet Ms. Stephanie’s 14 chicks!  Have a great week and remember, we love to see your pictures!


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  • May Do’s


    Life Cycle of a Chicken (How to video on Day 2)

    Life cycle

    Fine Motor:

    Use playdough to make your own farm animals!


    Gross Motor:

    Materials: masking or painter’s tape, measuring tape 

    Rabbits aren’t the only animals that are great jumpers—kangaroos, frogs, and grasshoppers are too!

    Go to an open space (or move furniture out of the way) and make “animal jumping stations.” Have your child help you use masking tape to mark a starting point and the distance that each animal can jump. Measure 5 feet for a grasshopper, 6 feet for a frog, and 15 feet for a kangaroo. 

    At each jumping station, have your child count how many jumps it takes to go the distance.  


    Parents, these can be played every day!


    Songs to sing this week:


    Old McDonald



    The Animals on the Farm