• 4th Grade GATE!

    Hey Kids!  I miss you!  Keep working on your happiness project!  I hope you are enjoying it!  I would love to showcase some of them on “Real Time with Millertime”

    Every day I create a video explaining their Must Do’s and May Do’s.  You can find it in TEAMS located in General, under their GATE team for their grade level.

     I also have a meeting with the kids weekly! 

    4th Grade meets on MONDAY AT 10:00. If you can log on great!  If you can’t, also ok.  I just miss seeing you guys! 


    Also, know that your classwork comes first!  You should make sure you do that before doing GATE work.  I want you to understand that.

  • Must Do’s

    Work Tracker


    Day 1:  Books and Stories!

    • Books and Stories.  I get that they are kind of the same thing but sometimes I make up the most magical stories for my kids and they technically aren’t in books!  Ya know? 
    • I also loved hearing stories about me as a kid because I was such an angel! 
    • Think of your top 5 books. Find a picture of the book cover.  Write me about two sentences for each book. 


    Day 2:  Movies

    • Sometimes it is nice to turn off your brain and have some good old entertainment. Like I said, I have always enjoyed movies and as a kid, I was actually able to stay awake through most of them!  
    • Find movies that make you happy and tell me why! Pick like your top 3 to 5.  Just like one or two sentences!


    Day 3:  TV
    Wow.  Back in the day, you couldn’t stream, record on a DVR even, you had to watch the show when it was on!  Can you even imagine?!  I mean if I didn’t live through it, I would NOT believe it either.

    • Find at least 2-3 shows you LOVE watching. Write why for each show. 


    Day 4:  Music

    • I am not musical. I can’t play an instrument, dance to the beat, or even read music but I love it.  I can connect to music on a deep level.  Maybe listen to some new music.  Find music that makes you feel!  It doesn’t HAVE to be happy, but you should have at least one happy song.
    • I always imagine that I am a famous athlete and you get to pick ONE song that you walk out and everyone cheers. What song would that be for you?
  • May Do’s



    Watch the Real Time with Miller Time


    Create content for Real Time with Miller Time:  Ideas but not limited to:



    -Funny pet videos

    -Weather report

    -“Caught YOU being Kind” Find people being kind to one another! Try and catch them on video or write it in!

    -Comics!  Student created comics that I can show on “air”

    -Art work submissions

    -How to draw something

    -How to do something