• Green words are hyperlinks, click on them
    • Blue writing is for DLI students.


    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are TWO ways to login to Nearpod.

    1. Students can sign in by pushing the Nearpod app nearpod on their iPad, and then type in the teacher code or
    2. Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.


  • Must Do’s

    Work Tracker


    • Review Skills: Located in OTUS under the Assessments Tab-there is one per day-similar to previous weeks.


    • New Skills-Nearpod: METRIC

                   Allred- FUOPE

                   Capson- EUOFH

                   Gardner- WBZIX

                   Herring- IDASX



    Quizizz-Code 609325

    To be completed after you have finished the Metric Nearpod.



    • Review Skills: Comprehension Review in OTUS under the assessment tab. This is a May Do for DLI.
    • DLI do This or That in One Note days 21-25-MUST DO for DLI.

    Read 20 minutes daily-DLI fill in Reading Tracker in One Note under Daily Reading.


    • New Skills Nearpod- Onomatopoeia

                Allred- EHUTP

                Capson- PXKBE

                Gardner- HJAPD


                DLI- QXCVB



                   Allred- HRFDY

                   Capson- IRSHX

                   Gardner- BKOXJ

                   Herring- IMQHW

                   DLI- LKZJA



    • Informational Text- titled Germs-How to Protect Yourself is due Friday, May 1st with all edits in Utah Compose.



    • Review Skills: Quizizz-Landforms- 136164



    • New Skills: Nearpod-South East States

                Allred- DZCEJ

                Capson- NAUZF

                Gardner- RLGJX

                Herring- CWFMD

                DLI-TIRGK-yours is NE states because you already did SE states.


    Theodore Roosevelt in OTUS-under Assessments.


    DLI- RAZ kids- One Spanish book and quiz per day. We will also be setting up Spanish group calls with Mrs. Balderas