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    Dear Students and Families,


             The month of April is almost behind us!  I hope you are completing the April challenges daily.  I have posted a certificate of completion that you can print for completing the challenge.  If you’ve done the activities daily you have completed 225 crunches, 122 push-ups, 111 arm circles, 90 leg raises, and over 6 minutes of wall sits!  Since Friday is May 1st, I have also posted a new May calendar challenge.  I hope you find these activities enjoyable.  There is both a Spanish and English version for your convenience.  Keep up the good work!

             I have really enjoyed seeing your pictures showing how you and your family are staying active.  We would love to see more!  Just upload pictures of your fun activities to OME – PE Activities.  Please make sure you have parent permission before uploading any photos.  Stay safe, healthy, and active!  To add your photos click here:  OME-P.E. Activities.




                               Mrs. McAllister

    April Fitness Certificate


    P.E. May Calendar-English

    P.E. May Calendar-Spanish



    Homemade Frisbee Toss



     P.E. Suggestions-60 min. of Physical activity each day

    How you get your 60 minutes of physical activity is totally up to you.  The following are just suggestions and ideas of how to accomplish this.  I have separated it into upper grade and lower grade activities.  However, many lower grade students may enjoy the upper grade activities and vice versa. 

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    K-2 Online ideas

    Kindergarten has been doing some yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga.   It might be nice for them to begin with something familiar.  It is yoga done in a story type setting that younger students seem to enjoy.    We could go on some undersea adventures this week.

    Cosmic Kids Yoga/Super Yoga Underwater Party is a fast-paced yoga workout for kids. It is approximately 5 minutes.

    Super Yoga

     Go Noodle has a Baby Shark Dance which kids seem to love as a brain break.  It is approximately 2 minutes. 

    Baby Shark


    Young students generally love to experiment with different movements.  At school, we have them move in different ways while going around the perimeter of the gymnasium.  They could do this around the perimeter of a yard, or even move in each way a from wall to wall in a room in the house. 

    Some examples of possible movements:

    crab walk

    swim underwater

    move while appearing to swim with overhand stroke or backstroke, move like a fish  (hands clasped together moving back and forth)

    move with hands clapping like a shark’s jaw. 

    Students are usually very creative with different movements.  I hope you have fun with it!


    Game of the Week:   Island jumping K-5

    Place some towels (islands) on the floor, preferably a carpeted floor so they don’t slip, and have your child jump from one towel to the next without falling in the water.  If more than one person, make a tag game of it, where you jump from towel to towel avoiding the tagger.  If the tagger touches you, or if you fall in the water, you become the new tagger.  This can also be done outside on the grass. 

    Other game ideas:

     This is a great website that you can filter by how many students, age of students, and equipment available to use.  https://www.playworks.org/game-library/


     3rd-5th grade ideas for activities


    We have been warming up at school with a kids workout for Beginners with Moe Jones.  The whole video is approximately 16 minutes.  However, it is broken into sections if you only wish to do a portion of it.  The students have seemed to enjoy it and may enjoy the familiarity of it. 

    Kids Workout


    As part of the Fitnessgram program, we have been running for duration as well as doing stretches for flexibility, and push-ups and curl-ups for muscular strength.  Our upper grade students should be continuing to do these exercises.  One fun way to accomplish this is to make an indoor physical fitness trail.  You could also do it outdoors on a nice day.  Cut out the physical fitness activity cards from the link and post them around the house.  When a student passes these cards, they participate in that activity before moving on.   It also includes a handy tracker if you would like to track your exercise time. 

    Indoor Gym Activities

    April Fitness Challenge

    March Fitness Challenge (some of the activity cards for April are actually included with the March calendar)