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    FAMILY DANCE! #artsathome

    “Listen to different genres of music and think about what movements they inspire. Have fun dancing free style to any selection. Allow each child to choose their favorite and explain why. Try learning some of the movement of each family member. You could choose one movement from each family member and create a family dance.

    Begin and end with a family connecting shape using levels and all kinds of line and design to make your shapes interesting.

    See what creative things you can come up with and enjoy the experience of dancing together!”

    Written by Miriam Bowen, Elementary Dance Educator



    “We all have a capacity for happiness. Sitting somehow suppresses it. Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting.”

    (Quote from Dr. James Levine’s book “Get Up! Why your chair is killing you and what you can do about it.”)

    🪑 Don’t get sitting sickness! Don’t pull up a chair, pull out a chair! Or a broom, or a vacuum, or a blanket, or a scarf.  Move your body and live a long life!

    1. Chair Dance
    2. Imaginary Dance
    3. Handwashing Dance Choreography
    4. Movement Scientist Log
    5. Family Dance History
    6. Dancing Journal
    7. Texture Dance
    8. Obstacle Course
    9. Name Choreography
    10. Found Sounds Dance
    11. Muscle Madness
    12. Breathing Through Space
    13. Moving Elements

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