• 5th Grade GATE

    GATE:  Hey students and Parents!  This week we are working on our Passion Projects.  Students have chosen a topic and are expected to research with specific and in-depth questions.  They will then put their findings in a final product of their choice.    

    5th Grade Weekly Meeting time is on Wednesday at 10:00.  If you can be there, FANTASTIC!  I miss you all.

     Also, know that your classwork comes first!  You should make sure you do that before doing GATE work.  I want you to understand that.


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  • Must Do’s

    Work Tracker


    Days 1-4:  Keep Researching and Putting together the final project. 


    Please fill out the proposal!  It will be due on Friday.  Look at the questions, think about the questions, and do your best.

    Not all questions will be relevant to your project.  I have filed out an example proposal!

    Please look at the rubric. If you need help in what you should be doing!  This is a great way to keep your project on topic and on task! 

    Passion Project Sample

    Passion Project Rubric 

    Note Taking-Passion Project