• 4th Grade GATE!

    Hey Kids!  I miss you!  Keep working on your happiness project!  I hope you are enjoying it!  I would love to showcase some of them on “Real Time with Millertime”

    Every day I create a video explaining their Must Do’s and May Do’s.  You can find it in TEAMS located in General, under their GATE team for their grade level.

     I also have a meeting with the kids weekly! 

    4th Grade meets on Tuesday at 1:15pm. If you can log on great!  If you can’t, also ok.  I just miss seeing you guys! 

     Also, know that your classwork comes first!  You should make sure you do that before doing GATE work.  I want you to understand that.



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  • Must Do’s

    Work Tracker


    Day 1-2:  Happiness Project:  Topic People and Characters!

    • Who makes you laugh?
    • Who makes things you want?
    • Who can provide you with entertainment that makes you smile, giggle, and laugh out loud! I mean that’s the best right? 
    • Some of my favorite things do not have to be actual people. Characters from movies or shows!  Books!  I mean tons of things make me smile!
    • Find at least 5 people you look up to! They can be real people from your life, ex. Mom or dad, and even sports players!  Write who they are and why they mean something to you!


    Day 3-4:  Happiness Project:  Topic Books and Stories

    Books and Stories!  Wow.  Books and Stories.  I get that they are kind of the same thing but sometimes I make up the most magical stories for my kids and they technically aren’t in books!  You know? 

    I also loved hearing stories about me as a kid because I was such an angel!  

    Think of your top 5 books.  Find a picture of the book cover.  Write me about two sentences for each book.