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    Scribble Art

    with Miss Kourtney

    Scribble Art Instructions Make abstract art. Try the three color challenge.


    s        sc



    Bursting Hearts

    with Miss Kourtney

    Bursting Hearts Instructions Make a heart with things that make your heart full to bursting.





    Messy Hair, Don't Care

    with Miss Kourtney

    Messy Hair Instructions How to draw with moving lines.             




    Bird Family

    with Miss Kourtney

    Bird Family Instructions Draw bird families with markers then use water and a paintbrush to make it look like watercolor.

    Bird  bird2


    Spread Kindness 

    with Miss Kourtney


    Spread Kindness Instructions Make some art to give to someone special.


    Kind kind1   kind2


    Tiger Drawing




     Sketch A Song

    Sketch a Song



      Chalk Design

    Design your own shapes with tape, have kids use colored chalk, when finished peel the tape, and you have a masterpiece! Make it on the sidewalk.

    Image may contain: outdoor  Image may contain: indoor No photo description available.


    Keeping a Sketchbook

    There are many benefits that come from keeping a sketchbook!
    - develops concentration and focus -
    - encourages questions, curiosity, inquisitiveness, imagination and exploration -
    - helps develop a personal vision and mindset -
    - causes deeper thinking -
    - increases confidence -
    - links memory and learning -
    - freedom of expression -

    While you are at home with your kids, consider drawing something together using the “100 Sketchbook Prompts” or “100 Silly Drawing Prompts”. Add details such as texture, value, shading, and color and see what kind of creations you can make. Write about your sketch.

    100 Silly Drawing Prompts

    100 Sketchbook Prompts