• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Week 5!  Once again, all the student work is found in OneNote under the section Week 5.  A lot of our teaching this week is done through Nearpods.  These are narrated by the 4th grade teachers, so encourage your child to listen for their teacher’s voice!  There are several Nearpods, so make sure your child does each one.  Because we have added audio and video, these may take some time to load. Please use patience. 

    This week you will find a work tracker to print off for you and your child.  It is a checklist of each assignment listed by day.  You can find this in either OneNote or on the OME Website Week 5 4th grade link.  This should help keep your child organized.

    Our new math unit is long division.  We are teaching this the same way you probably learned it when you were in school.  Please feel empowered to help your child.  Don’t worry that you are teaching it wrong!  We’ll be spending 3-4 weeks on this unit.

    As a reminder, each teacher is sending a message to their class on Teams almost every morning.  We answer questions and clarify instructions.  Most students are not checking this because it doesn’t show up on their regular chat notifications.  There is a short video on the OME website Week 5 4th grade link.  Please have your child watch this video so they know where to look. (scroll to the bottom of this page for the video)

    Thanks and have a great week!



    • Green words are hyperlinks, click on them
    • Blue writing is for DLI students.


    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are TWO ways to login to Nearpod.

    1. Students can sign in by pushing the Nearpod app nearpod on their iPad, and then type in the teacher code or
    2. Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.


     Work Tracker


    DLI kids have to enter their Onenote “Claseverde 2019-2020” or “ClaseAzul 2019-2020” and they will find there their assignments for this week.


    Reteach Nearpod Codes

     Week 5 Literacy Reteach

    Bradshaw:  ERMXA

    Eitelgeorge:  SHFZJ

    Simons:  NTAUO



    Computing Fractions Reteach

    Bradshaw:  AVZFI

    Eitelgeorge:  ELCZH

    Simons:  YDRXU