• Students, We Miss You.



    • Green words are hyperlinks, click on them
    • Blue writing is for DLI students.


    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are TWO ways to login to Nearpod.

    1. Students can sign in by pushing the Nearpod app nearpod on their iPad, and then type in the teacher code or
    2. Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.
  • Must Do’s

    Work Tracker



    ·      Review Skills:

           Reflex: Reach a green light daily


    DUE THURSDAY April 23rd There are 3 Nearpods and a CFA Math Test this week.  

    Watch and complete the Nearpod and answer EVERY question. This will be graded so do your best work: GO TO YOUR TEACHERS PAGE and Include your FULL name.


      New Skills

           Nearpod: Equivalent Fractions: (New Content) DUE MONDAY April 20th

           Join with this CODE at Nearpod or in the app (On student iPads):

                Wilkinson: WZDOH 

                Smith: NPQUA 

                Lamb: IFHNU

                Ricks: XPDJH 

                Blue: VCGFI 

                Green: KRQHI


           Nearpod: Comparing Fraction (NEW CONTENT) DUE TUESDAY April 21st

           Join with this CODE at Nearpod or in the app (On student iPads):

                Wilkinson: ZFPOL 

                Smith: FWOSC  

                Lamb: OHEZS 

                Ricks: UMBDE  

                Blue: HDVBQ  

                Green: WQHMF


           Nearpod: Fractions on a Number Line  (NEW CONTENT) DUE FRIDAY April 24th

           Join with this CODE at Nearpod or in the app (On student iPads):

                Wilkinson: QAJLX 


                Lamb: CKJES 

                Ricks: ZEJIK 

                Blue: FQEAZ 

                Green: GNCSV 


           CFA: Comparing Fractions CFA: Test

           Due WEDNESDAY April 23rd (Complete the first two Nearpods before starting the test)

                This is a TEST and must be done by your child INDEPENDENTLY.  Please Submit by Wednesday the                    22nd.  Send a picture VIA Teams.        



    ·      Review Skills



           80 minutes a week

           Let us know your totals at the end of the week

           Blue and Green Classes:

           Half of the reading (at least 40 minutes) should be done in Spanish. Some awesome Spanish reading is found           at thespanishexperiment.com and getepic.com.


           Read works: Due Thursday April 23rd

                - 1 article 

                Expectations for Read-works:

                   1. If you miss more than two questions your teacher will re-assign a new passage

                   2. The written portions must: 

                - Include the question in the answer 

                - Use complete sentences with capitals and punctuation

                - Include all parts of the question

                - Include evidence from the text

                   3. You must go back into the passage and find evidence from the text for EVERY answer

     Child's Play-Readworks 

    ·      New Skills


           Utah Compose: CFA- TEST

                This weeks informational writing is a TEST. Please have the student complete it on their own. 

                Why Do We Need to Save Water essay DUE FRIDAY April 24th

                   1. Go back and check teacher comments and make necessary edits

                   2. Make sure the student completes this ON THEIR OWN

                The materials for this are attached below and can also be found on Utah Compose (see at the bottom of                  this email)


           Spanish Nearpod: Características. Code: EHIUT

  • May Do’s


    How to Draw Cherry Blossoms Draw Cherry Blossoms Post your pictures on your team chat!

    Cherry Blossoms

    Mystery Science-  What Makes Bridges So Strong


    How can you go faster down a slide? 


    Khan Academy: Fraction Extension Lesson and Activity

    Fraction Practice


    Author read-aloud: Pick an author read-aloud to listen to from this list or another one you find yourself. 


    Math Challenges!


     Math Challenge

    Math Challenge

    Math Challenge

    Math Playground


    Virtual field trips: Follow one of the links in this document (or another one that you find on your own) to go on a virtual field trip to explore another part of the world. Take advantage of all the amazing free learning that's being offered! 


    Stem ProjectWho doesn’t love the thrill of riding a rollercoaster? Your job is to design one! Click on the attachment to learn more about what makes roller coasters work, and then learn what supplies you can use in your design. Please take a video and post it! We love seeing your rollercoasters! 


    roller coaster

    Blue and Green Classes:

    Great extra Spanish practice can be found in review games, activities, and uploads on Maestra Clark's Padlet on her teacher website (the kids use this all the time in class)

    Friday at 1:00 there is an optional group Teams meeting for as many kids as would like to participate. We play games and have fun speaking Spanish. If you are interested, message me by Friday morning so I include you in the list to call.