• Here are some resources that I think you might find helpful when working with your child at home.


    *Please remember that modeling great speech and language and being a reflective listener in your daily activities is an amazing way to help your child.  These resources are extras that you can try if you like - it's not required!


    I will update this periodically, so don't forget to check back!

  • Mommy Speech Therapy is wonderful web site that offers loads of free materials that are easy to link to from the home page.  You can find developmental norms and activities for both language and speech.

    Home Speech Home has lots of resources and activities including 'anytime activities', word lists for different sounds, a link to books that target specific goal that your child might be working on (pronouns, multiple meaning words, complex sentences...), social skills, and many more.

    Peachie Speechie is a another great source for home activities and includes videos and materials you can download - many are free, but they are mixed in with those with a price.