• 1st grade

    Here is a photo of all of your teachers working together to get lesson plans ready for you. 

    We love our first graders! We also wish Maestra Rivera well as she recovers from surgery.

    Must Do's:
    *Click on the green words, they are links.
    *Due to the length of the school closure it is necessary for us to begin teaching new content.  All new content will have the word (NEW) in red print.  Please be aware these are lessons that your students may need to practice with several times and may need support from you to help them fully understand.  Thank you for all you are doing to support Old Mill Elementary Teachers and YOUR Special Student.

    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are two ways to login to nearpod.

    1.  Students can sign in by pushing the nearpod app on their i-pad.  nearpod  and then type in the teacher code or

    2.  Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.

    R-Controlled & Vowel Team Nearpod
    - Fife: KYMGQ
    - Geilman: BVRNQ
    - Hayes: FBIGX
    - Lee: SNGEV
    - Sweat: XHGAR
    - Rivera: XHGAR
    Sight Words Nearpod - (New) students are encouraged to work through this Nearpod multiple times during the week.
    - Fife: OYNJE
    - Geilman: DSCAQ
    - Hayes: CBQZF 
    - Lee: TDWHX
    - Sweat: IYQEF
    - Rivera: IYQEF
    Money Nearpod
    - Fife: LPUGX
    - Geilman: PAMGO
    - Hayes: OIWSR 
    - Lee: WHGVD
    - Sweat: AYLRM
    - Rivera: AYLRM
    New Sight Word List to Practice - Units 8, 9, 10
    Practice reading and writing the following sight words:
    Better, carry, learn, very
    Prime Time Math (4 pages)
    Write at least five sentences about how you feel about school at home.