*Blue writing is for DLI students.

    *Due to the length of the school closure it is necessary for us to begin teaching new content.  All new content will have the word (NEW) in red print.  Please be aware these are lessons that your students may need to practice with several times and may need support from you to help them fully understand.  Thank you for all you are doing to support Old Mill Elementary Teachers and YOUR Special Student.


    Dear Parents,


     We are in our fourth week of online learning! Thank you for all of your hard work and support! We want you to make sure that your student is communicating with their teacher via teams to resolve any questions they may have. We will be sending a sign up out for parents that feel their child needs one on one support from their teacher. This will be sent from each teacher individually via sign up genius. There will be additional support and reteach videos available on Old Mill’s Website. If your child needs this support, we will reach out to students and parents. The support is available for all students. Each week the work is found in OneNote including directions for each day. Parents please check your child’s OneNote each day to make sure they are completing the work. Please keep up the hard work in making this online learning experience beneficial for our students. (All of the content for 4th Grade will be NEW this week)

    DLI kids have to enter their Onenote “Claseverde 2019-2020” or “ClaseAzul 2019-2020” and they will find there their assignments for this week.


    Thank you for all you do!

     OME 4th Grade Team


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