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    Fun activities to do at home.

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    1-Body percussion is making percussive musical sounds using only your body - such as clapping your hands, patting your lap, tapping any body part, snapping, or stamping your feet. Try out the body percussion game song on Youtube titled, "Bim Bum ~ A Clapping Game Song". It is first sung as an echo song, so you may want to watch and listen as each pharse is sung, then try the body percussion on the echo. The song might be easy to sing, but the body percussion gets tricky! Clap your hands on the word bim, snap your fingers on the word bum, and pat your lap on biddy. The song will progressively get faster but you can speed it up or slow it down by pressing on the "settings" button (gear in bottom right) and then changing the "playback speed"

    Bim Bum A Clapping Game

    Try this body percussion activity

    NVAB Body Percussion


    Look around your house and find something(s) that makes each of the following sounds:
    - something you rattle or shake
    - something you tap
    - something you scrape
    - something you blow in or across
    - something metal
    - something plastic
    - something wood
    - something that makes a low sound
    - something that makes a high sound
    - shomething that makes a short sound
    - something that makes a long sound

    Arrange the items into three categories: metal, plastic, wood. Start over and arrange the items into four categories based on how you make each sound: shake, tap, scrape, blow. Can you change the sound of the object? Can you make it louder, quieter, higher, or lower? Arrange from low sounds to high sounds.

    Found Sound


    3- Read the book Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae (or watch the animated video or watch the Giraffes Can’t Dance (Silly Song).

    Have a discussion about feelings the feelings and emotions that Gerald and the other animals might be having. You can talk about how we feel when we fall and make mistakes, and how it feels when others make fun of us at those times. This can lead to a conversation about a growth mindset: a belief that our most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

    Using the action words in the story provide an opportunity for your children to try leaping, prancing, skipping, swaying, swishing and twirling. Give them time to make their own dance.

    Sit together and have a “Jungle Dance” giving any who would wish to share the dance they created. After this you can take turns learning each other’s dances.

    Giraffes Cant Dance Animated

    Giraffes Cant Dance Song



     Teach a Song

    Think of a song we sing at school and teach it to someone at your house. You can look at the songlist in your grade level for ideas. For an easy one, use an echo song. Remember to use the actions, or make some up.

    For a challenge try singing two songs as a partner song (like Bow wow wow and Peas Porridge Hot), or sing a song in canon like Ghost of John or Star Light Star Bright (where one person starts, and then the other starts 4 beats after)




    Jump the beat! Jump rope or do hand clapping games while saying rhymes or singing a song. Be sure to keep the steady beat. Here are some rhymes and songs that work, but any song you know will work. Make up hand claps by clap own hands together, clap partners left, right, both, back of hands, pat legs. Get creative. Linked below are some video ideas.

    • Apple, peach, pear, plum. Tell me when your birthday comes. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December (Jump out on your birthday month).  Manzana, durazno, pera, ciruela. Dime cuando llegue tu cumpleaños. Enero, febrero, marzo, abril, mayo, junio, julio, agosto, septiembre, octubre, noviembre, diciembre 
    • Hot cross buns, hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.
    • Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold. Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old.
    • 2 4 6 8 Meet me at the garden gate. If I’m late, don’t wait. 2 4 6 8
    • A my name is Amy, my friends name is Alex, we come from Alaska and we sell ants. (make up new ones for each letter of the alphabet, especially for the letter your name starts with).
    • Jean, Jean dressed in green. Went downtown to eat ice cream. How many scoops did she eat? One, two, etc.
    • Cinderella dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow. Made a mistake and kissed a snake. How many doctors did it take? One, two, three, etc.

    *Counting can also be skip counting. 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s, etc. (which is great for preparing for times tables)

    • On the mountain stands a lady, who she is I do not know. All she wants is gold and silver, all she wants is ice cream cones. So jump in _____(name) and jump out _____(person jumping first).
    • Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack. All dressed in black, black, black. With silver buttons, buttons, buttons. All down her back, back, back. She asked her mother, mother, mother. For fifty cents, cents, cents. To see the elephant, elephant, elephant. Jump over the fence, fence, fence. He jumped so high, high, high. They touched the sky, sky, sky. And didn’t come back, back, back. ‘Til the Fourth of July, ly, ly.
    • Double double this this, double double that that, double this, double that, double double this that.
    • Lemonade (up down clap)(triple clap), crunchy ice (up down clap)(triple clap), sip it once (up down clap)(triple clap),sip it twice (up down clap)(triple clap),lemonade (up down clap),crunchy ice (up down clap),made it once (up down clap),made it twice(up down clap),turn around (turn around),touch the ground (touch the ground),push your brother out of town, and stomp (jump).
    • Double This, Miss Mary, Lemonade
    • Bluebells and Cockleshells
    • Cinderella