• Must Do’s:

    *Please click on the green words, they are links.

    *Blue writing is for DLI students.

     *Due to the length of the school closure it is necessary for us to begin teaching new content.  All new content will have the word (NEW) in red print.  Please be aware these are lessons that your students may need to practice several times and may need support from you to help them fully understand.  Thank you for all you are doing to support Old Mill Elementary Teachers and YOUR Special Student.  


     Daily Work Tracker: This is helpful to print out and have the kids check off their assignments and be accountable for their work.

    80 minutes a week
    Let us know your totals at the end of the week
    Half of the reading (at least 40 minutes) should be done in Spanish. Some awesome Spanish reading is found at thespanishexperiment.com and getepic.com.
    Read works: Due Thursday April 16th-
    - 1 article 
    Expectations for Read-works:
    1. If you miss more than two questions your teacher will re-assign a new passage
    2. The written portions must: 
    - Include the question in the answer 
    - Use complete sentences with capitals and punctuation
    - Include all parts of the question
    - Include evidence from the text
    3. You must go back into the passage and find evidence from the text for EVERY answer
    Storyline- Due Thursday April 16th on Utah Compose-The Empty Pot:Character Traits 
    Read The Empty Pot and write about the character traits of the main character. You must include two character traits with two pieces of evidence for each trait. 
    (Make sure it is set to schooltube NOT youtube)
    Example on Character Traits:
    In the book Clara and Davie Clara is the main character. Clara is helpful because she helped heal Davie and saved his life. Also, she is helpful because she helped on the family farm with chores.
    In addition, Clara is smart because she knew how to heal animals people and plants. Also she is smart because she read medical books when she was a teenager. 
    Utah Compose:
    Why Do We Need to Have Sharks essay DUE FRIDAY April 17th
    1. Go back and check teacher comments and make necessary edits
    Math Assignments:
    Math Facts: 
    Reflex: Reach a green light Daily
    DUE THURSDAY April 16th

    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are two ways to login to nearpod.

    1.  Students can sign in by pushing the nearpod app on their i-pad.  nearpod  and then type in the teacher code or

    2.  Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.

    There are 2 Nearpods and one spiral review page this week
    Watch and complete the nearpod and answer EVERY question. This will be graded so do your best work: GO INTO Nearpod and then use YOUR TEACHERS code and Include your FULL name.
    Nearpod: Identifying Fractions on a Number Line-NEW
    The worksheet at the end is optional
    Wilkinson: GFUHE 
    Smith: QCSGF 
    Lamb: NUYIR 
    Ricks: ENRBM 
    Blue: AFPOK  
    Green: OJCPB
    Nearpod: Plotting Fractions on a Number Line-NEW
    Wilkinson: NOZMI 
    Smith: QLBSH 
    Lamb: WYTUA 
    Ricks: DQIGY 
    Blue: SRLHU 
    Green: QVRDY
    Spiral Review:
    • Spanish Nearpod: El Sol.      Code:  DIAQH