• In the 4th and 5th grade lesson page there are several video demos in the BIRDS lesson from Ms. Brown showing drawing animals using basic shapes- those are great beginning srawing skills to practice- seeing the basic shapes. Any of the birds Ms. Brown demos she starts by looking for the basic shapes!


    Basic Shading

    Watch the video tutorial and then practice with the photographs of the shapes below.  I have added a link so if it easier for you to print out the photo of the shapes you can!  Once you have practiced with the shapes below, try shading things around your house.  Look closely at the areas with more light and those with shadow.

    How to shade with a pencil for Beginners

    sphere   shapes2   s   c

        shapes 1                    shapes 2                    shapes 3                   shapes 4


    Skills for Drawing a Still Life

    b Vincent Van Gogh   

    A "Still Life" painting or drawing is a painting or drawing made up of ordinary objects around your house that will remain still.  Most artists have made still life art works- it was and is a popular form of art. Once you set up and draw a still life you can move around it and draw it again and it will be completly different becasue you changed your perspective.  There are many skills and techniques you can practice by drawing a still life.  There are 3 video links that will help you learn new skills.  Try one at a time or watch all 3 and then try.  I have included photos of some basic still life set ups already ready for you to draw.  You can use those or set up your own at home (if it is in the middle of a table all your siblings can work on the same still life at the same time and they will all be different)!

    How to Draw a Still Life PART 1

    How to Draw a Still Life PART 2

    How to Draw a Still Life PART 3

    m                       b

               still life 1                                            still life 2