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    Please click on the green words, they are links.

    *blue words are for DLI students.


    Students will be completing Nearpod Lessons this week.  Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are two ways to login to nearpod.

    1.  Students can sign in by pushing the nearpod app on their i-pad.  nearpod  and then type in the teacher code 


    2.  Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.


    Mon.- Exploring Geometry Nearpod

    Herring Code: VRKCL

    Gardner Code: GCXZP

    Allred Code: OZKBM

    Capson Code: TKULR

    DLI Code: BUSDH


    Tues.- Alliteration Nearpod

    Herring Code: XRYLQ

    Gardner Code: UBKCF

    Allred Code: POGKM

    Capson Code: MVQXZ

    DLI Code: JMZCA


    Wed.- Classifying Triangles Nearpod

    Herring Code: XAFLT

    Gardner Code: AQMCS

    Allred Code: BVOIH

    Capson Code: YCSEP

    DLI Code: AUTSW


    Then Take the Triangles Quizizz

    Whole Grade Level Code:157297


    Thur.-Volcanoes Nearpod

    Herring Code: BYEUR

    Gardner Code: XHVZB

    Allred Code: DYMCT

    Capson Code: NQHKM

    DLI Code: RUCPB


    Math Review

    Located in OTUS Assessments Tab-there is one per day-similar to last week.


    Language Arts Review

    Located in OTUS Assessments Tab-there is only 1 this week


    Reading-You are required to read twenty minutes daily.  DLI is required to fill in the reading log (One Note)-you do not need to do the Challenge.


    Social Studies

    This week you will be completing a Nearpod about the 50 states. Please use the codes below to login.

    Herring: AITNZ

    Gardner: XLPDN

    Allred: CFXKM

    Capson: UPLFK



    DLI Students  Spanish- RAZ kids-One Spanish book and quiz per day. Watch a Movie (approved by your parents) in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. You can change the language in the settings.