• Must Do’s:
    Please click on the green colored words, they are links.
    *the blue writing is for DLI students
    80 minutes a week
    Let us know your totals at the end of the week
    Half of the reading (at least 40 minutes) should be done in Spanish. Some awesome Spanish reading is found at thespanishexperiment.com 
    Guided Reading Assignment: Go to EPIC and read the assigned story (¿Cómo se hace el helado?) Complete the reading guide attached here, and send in a picture (either with your student iPad sent in a Teams message to the teacher, or through a parent email.)
    Math Facts: 
    Reflex: Reach a green light Daily
    Read works: Due Thursday
    - 1 article 
    Expectations for Read-works:
    1. If you miss more than two questions your teacher will re-assign a new passage
    2. The written portions must: 
    - Include the question in the answer 
    - Use complete sentences with capitals and punctuation
    - Include all parts of the question
    - Include evidence from the text
    3. You must go back into the passage and find evidence from the text for EVERY answer
    Conquering Fears and Phobias
    Storyline- Due Thursday on Utah Compose-The Coal Thief Theme 
    Read The Coal Thief and write the Theme. You must include two pieces of evidence. Remember the theme is the moral or lesson the story teaches. 
    Utah Compose:
    Why Do We Need to Have Sharks essay DUE FRIDAY April 17th
    1. Go back and check teacher comments and make necessary edits
    The materials for this are attached below and can also be found on Utah Compose (click on the green words here for the link)
    Math Assignments:
    DUE THURSDAY April 2nd 

    Nearpod is a student paced interactive presentation. There are two ways to login to nearpod.

    1.  Students can sign in by pushing the nearpod app on their i-pad.  nearpod  and then type in the teacher code or

    2.  Students can click this Nearpod Link and then type in the teacher code.

    Nearpod Equivalent Fractions-
    Watch and complete the nearpod and answer EVERY question. This will be graded so do your best work: GO TO YOUR TEACHERS PAGE and Include your FULL name
    Join with these CODES:
    Wilkinson: WGCLY Smith: JVLKN Lamb: UCOBR 
    Ricks: ICEQA Blue: QJTMF Green: YRVKH
    Optional Daily Work Tracker: click on the colored words for the link