• 4/28/2020

    Thank you.  Thank you!  My home office just got a lot brighter thanks to the amazing Midway PTA!  You are the BEST!  I hope that you feel as appreciated as you have made me feel in the past few days.  I love all of the gifts you have surprised me with at school and at home.




    I am so happy to work with all of you and all of the fun people at Midway Elementary.  Here is my part of the movie we put together so you wouldn't forget some of the things we always say to you.  Please remember how proud I am of you and that you should be proud of yourself too!



    Parents, please check your email (including junk) for messages from me.  I am not sure that my group email (blind copy for confidentiality purposes) detailing how therapy services will be proviided starting next week was received

    Progress notes for speech and langauge went out in the regular mail yesterday.  A paper version of my email about upcoming therapy services is with your child's progress report.  Progress notes for my students who also receive services from Mr. T and Ms. Angie will be included in progress notes sent home by those teachers.


    Did you guess why I have a ladder by my fence instead of in the garage?

    You would be correct if you guessed it was so I could visit my neighhhbor.

    edWas it a great guess?

    He loves it when we feed him carrots and apples and even handfuls of grass, but he does not like celery.

    What vegetables and fruits do you like?  What do you like about them?



    Today I am working from home and thought I would share some pictures of what my work space looks like.  This room is upstairs in our home and, on clear days, I can see the mountains when I look out the window. I like to have things that make me happy as well as things I need on or near my desk.  Can you find a picture of me with all of my siblings when I was a baby?  It is close to a bath puppet my mom made for me when I was about five years old.  I also have some lotion that smells like orange and ginger that is supposed to make me feel energized... I don't know if it works, but it smells great and was a gift from my sister.  I also have some different kinds of flowers on my desk... how many can you find?  They are all gifts from different places and different people.  If you want to know more, you can email me and ask!

    I am not sure if you can see it in the photo, but there is also a coaster that I made that says, "Bloom where you are planted."  In this case, it means that even though we are at home and not at school with each other, we can still grow and learn together. 

    Do you know what a coaster is?  How can you find out?  There are always different ways to learn new things.

    Where are you working at home?  What does your work space look like?  Today, because it is snowing in the mountains, I can't see them, but there is something else I like to look at in this picture... can you see it?  You may also see my dad's old ladder by the fence.  Do you have any ideas why I keep it there and not in the garage?  I would love to hear your guesses!

    Today I finished wriiting your progress notes and am getting ready to mail them home to you with some instructions on how we will do our lessons together starting next week.

    What did you do today?




    Here's a little video update for you.

    Long story short = I really miss my time with students!  I will be starting therapy via the internet soon.  Please watch for instructions via email or regular mail.  I miss working with kids!!