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    Resource accommodations 


    March 30-April 1 lessons accommodations


    Letters and Sounds:

                -Heggerty/Purple Book/Word Work – Use Hand over hand as demonstrated in the Modified Resources Link.

                --Use Zoophonics and spell out child’s name. Model the actions, saying names and sounds, as you make the action.

                -Over emphasize specified sound when doing Heggerty, repeat the sound with your student

                -During your normal daily routine, ask for beginning sounds of words, during meal time, play, and changing clothing

                -Shapewalk – When going on a shape walk, use paper shapes to put on object shapes so they stand out better to your child, focus on discussing shapes of things you use like bed, plate, dresser, stool, etc.

                -Counting – focus on 1-5

                -Do #3 – don’t worry about the activity “Which Has” unless there are 2 adults, 1 to ask questions and one to do hand over hand with child.







Last Modified on May 1, 2020