• Dear Parents,  


    Thanks for all of your patience with us as we are learning this online schooling. All the work from last week is being graded on effort and completion. You will be contacted if your child has not completed the work to see how we can help. Moving forward, we want all students and parents to be aware that these assignments are required and will be recorded on 4th term grades. 


    This week your student will be receiving “Must Do” work Monday through Thursday to allow teachers time to grade the work and plan ahead.  Each day your child will have a list of assignments to complete.  We are hoping they will follow the schedule, but we understand that family situations differ. All work for the week is due Thursday by 3:30 p.m. We encourage your child to use Friday to try out some of the updated “May Dos” (there’s a fun Bingo) as well as other activities that do not require the internet (go on walks, do a puzzle, do an art project, bake some cookies, etc).  


    This week’s work will be found in One Note as well as on Old Mill’s Website under Site Shortcuts (Week 2). There are a couple of videos that will be helpful to you as a parent, explaining One Note and other new programs. An important thing for you to know is that teachers can see all student activity on One Note. We will let you know if the work is not completed. One new program we will be starting with the students for math is called Otus. There will be a training video for your child to watch and it is very user friendly. You will also be receiving instructions/video for your child to use the “Teams” app.  Please watch this video with your child and feel free to set your own family limits. There are ups and downs to this app, but it will prove very effective to allow us to instruct our students face to face. 


    Remember that teachers are always available for any questions you may have. If an email is sent during school hours you will get a response within the hour. If an email is sent after school hours (9-4) a timely response will be given, expect it the following school day. Thank you and enjoy the upcoming week. 


    DLI kids have to enter their Onenote “Claseverde 2019-2020” or “ClaseAzul 2019-2020” and they will find there their assignments for this week.


    PS: Watch the fun video of your 4th grade teachers on this page.