• May Do’s
    (Students can click on the colored words below they are links to the programs,
    or they can use the apps on their i-pads.)
    1. Nearpod: Natural Disasters-
    We will start having lessons on this so please play around on it to prepare for future lessons: GO TO YOUR TEACHERS PAGE and Include your FULL name
    Join with this CODE at join.nearpod.com or in the app (On student iPads):
    Wilkinson: EAKXS Smith: PVCMY 
    Lamb: MZJPD Ricks: BXSDL Blue: PHWNY 
    Green: RMPYO
    2. Author read-alouds: Pick an author read-aloud
    to listen to from this list or another one you find yourself. 
    5. Virtual field trips: Follow one of the links in this document (or another one that you find on your own) to go on a virtual field trip to explore another part of the world. Take advantage of all the amazing free learning that's being offered! 
    6. Stem Project: 
    A winter storm is coming and power has gone out in Heber. To save your family you need to create a Geodome for you to live in. 
    - Research what a geo-dome is and find 3 facts to share
    - Think about what makes the strongest shape
    -Send a picture of your dome via our whole class team in TEAMS.
    Dome Photo