• Everyone!  I have been obsessed with LEGOS from a young age and my little girl is equally obsessed!  So we have started to watch LEGO Masters.  I think we should have a school wide Lego Master challenge!  I have created ideas based on the science content your child is learning about! 

    Lego Master

    This show is on Fox on Wednesday!  Check it out!


    Pre-K-1st Grade:  Build a boat that floats!  

    2nd Grade:  Create an animal in their habitat.  

    3rd Grade:  Create a lunar lander.  

    4th Grade:  Create a dinosaur fossil!  Create a petrified fossil!  You cah chose the animal!

    5th Grade:  Create a house and wire it with "lights" use real lights if you can but if you can't you can build the circuits or draw them or use material that you have!