• Here are some project based learning activities that would be appropriate for grades 3-5.  I have broken the PowerPoints into days and pacing when you scroll them.  Students can work on these independently, with support, or you can do it as a family!  

    Passion Project/Genius Hour  

     Passion Project Proposal

    Note Taking and Journal


    Create your Own Animal!


    Students will research two animals and then combine the characteristics from these animals to create their own animal!

    Students will work on writing an informative essay.  They will write 5 paragraphs for each animal and the new animal they create!

    Students should draw what their new animal looks like!  


    Create your Own Animal!

    Videos/Screen Casts

    Overview of Unit!



    Resort Report

    Adapted from Teaching with a Mountain View

    Students will create their own resort.  They will be focusing primarily on multiplication.  Especially 2 digit by 2 digit and even 3 or 4 digit numbers by 2 digit.  

    Resort Report Extension Activity



    Utah Road Trip 

    On this adventure students will plan their own road trip across Utah!  They will write about what they are seeing on their adventure.  They will keep track of their expenses and see how many miles they have traveled!  We have many beautiful wonders here in Utah it is fun to see what students pickt o visit!


    Utah Road Trip PowerPoint