Students and Parents,

    If you need help with your i-pad, logging in, or troubles using applications, please contact our Wasatch Tech Support. 

    You can call:  435-654-7644

    You can send an e-mail to: questions@wasatch.edu

    You can also click on the link: https://wcsd.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/2



    Hello OME Families:


    Thank you so much to those who completed our Parent Input Survey.  It gave us some great direction as to what parents needed and could handle at home.  With these suggestions in mind, we put together a school wide plan of Must Dos and May Dos for the week for all students and every grade level.  This is our first attempt at this and we will ask for feedback in a bit and re-evaluate/adjust as needed. (Please be kind and solution based with your feedback, as you catch more flies with honey then vinegar:)

    • The Must Dos will be “low technology” driven, as this was a major concern of a majority of parents. (If they do involve technology, it is because all the students are very familiar with the program and can do it on their own via their Ipad) The Must Do’s will also be spiral review of previously taught Essential Standards from the first 3 terms during this dismissal time.  We want to ensure these standards are not just proficient one time, but mastered for all time. So this review is vital and necessary.
    • The May Dos will be more technology driven with Websites, additional Essential Standard Review, extensions to the Essential Standards and possible virtual fieldtrips.
    • The Apple Tech Hotline for technology assistance is 877-218-1190 pin number 3017
    • The work will be emailed to you from your teacher with explanations and attachments. Parents or students can then either print the Must Dos and complete it or complete answers on a paper.  Then snap pics of the Must Dos and email it to your teacher to review by designated date. 
    • Teachers will look over work and get feedback to you by the following Monday.
    • We will work through this plan for the next couple weeks and then check in to see how it is working and where we are at with the School Dismissal as well.

    Also school Grab and Go lunches will be available 11:00-12:30.  You can pick them up in the Bus Drive Through Loop.  Please do not come in the school.  We have always had an amazing partnership with our community and I have every confidence that together we can navigate these uncharted waters together successfully.  Thank you for all you do and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or our teachers for help at any time.  We are here for you and our kiddos!!



    Mrs. Discher – Proud Principal of Old Mill Elementary


    Stephanie Discher - Proud Principal of Old Mill Elementary

    Every Child - Every Day!