• Dear Parents and Student-

      As a 5th grade team, we have broken the assignments into Must Do's and May Do's. We will send assignments weekly, with where to locate and how to complete. Your students will be doing assignments that they should be familiar with, but if you have questions feel free to email and we will respond quickly. This is our first go at remote learning, so please be patient with us. You can expect all assignments on OTUS and Utah Compose by 2pm today. For links to our various platforms-go to Old Mill Elementary home page, and click on student links, this will bring up all digital resources. As a grade level we will be sending home choice boards for May Do's, these are available now on OTUS. Please look for PDF's of Choice Boards in a separate e-mail by the end of the day.

      Must Do's Weekly Due Friday March 20th

      Math-Daily Spiral Reviews-They will be in OTUS, they will be named by the day and date. For example today would be Monday Math Review March 16.

      English Spiral Review-This or That is a daily review, where students pick either doing the this column or the that column. This available on OTUS for the following classes- Gardner, Allred, Capson, and Herring. Please access this by clicking on the Lessons tab. For the DLI class please use your OneNote to access this assignment.

      Science & Social Studies-They need to watch a Brain Pop and take a quiz. The login-omepop, password: wcsd. For social studies please choose two U.S. President videos, and for science watch Plate Tectonics, Weathering, and Erosion.

      Writing-They will need to complete the opinion writing- St. Patrick's Day. This will be located on One Note-and students will submit in Utah Compose. It is titled; St. Patrick's Day Opinion writing This will be due in two weeks-March 27.

      Reading-There is a reading log available on OTUS for the non-DLI classes and OneNote for the DLI classes. Please read for at least 20 minutes a day, then choose an activity to respond about your reading each day. Add a page for each activity that you choose.

      Spanish (DLI students only)- RAZ kids- There are Spanish books and quizzes available. You need to completeat least one each day. If you watch a movie- turn on Spanish subtitles, or watch your Disney movies in Spanish. 🙂

      May Do Choice Boards

      Choice boards are available on OTUS by clicking on the lessons link.

      Additional things you could do with your child include:

      Apps on their iPads or on the OME student links page:

      EPIC-free at home now
      Storyline Online-Storyline Online
      Discovery Education
      Reflex-located on OME page-especially those students who haven't reached 100%.


      Old Mill Elemttnary Fifth Grade Team