• Hello Parents!  What a change we have! Here is a list of what we expect from our students this week.  All assignments can be completed on your own timeline and are due by Friday.  All of the work can be found on your child’s OneNote in their iPad and they know how to do this. They will find the assignments listed in their Handouts section.  The assignments are also attached to this email in case that is a better option for you.  If your child’s iPad is at the school, you can come pick it up from 9-3.  It will be on your child’s desk with their charger.  If you have ANY troubles at all accessing the assignments or if your child can’t remember a password, etc. send me an email.  I’ll be checking my email daily. I promise, it’s not a bother to me…it’s my job to help out!  Thanks for all you do!

     Literacy Must Do:

    ·      Read EVERY DAY from a chapter book for 30 minutes. Look in OneNote in Handouts for the Reading Work 3/16 page (or see attachments) for a reading menu.  Choose one activity to write a response.  You can either type a response in OneNote or write it on paper and take a picture. 

    ·      Complete 3 Readworks assignments.  Log in through the Old Mill Website. 

            Our class codes are:  Bradshaw-YRZSNR and your student password is 1234

                                           Eitelgeorge-44CA3A  and your student password is 1234

                                            Root-QSFKBS and your student password is 1234



            Read the article and answer the questions.

    ·      Log in to Epic.  Your class codes are:  Bradshaw-yhy5280






            Read the book titled Pioneer Trails.  Write a journal entry pretending to be a pioneer on one of the three         trails.  Epic will work during school hours.

    ·      Finish the Dinosaur Extinction Opinion writing.  You will need to have 5 paragraphs.  Use the opinion rubric on OneNote to help you.  The articles are also on OneNote.  There is even a new page in the Handouts section called Writing Week 3/16.   These are also attached to the email.  If you remember your log in to Utah Compose, please put it in there.  If not, I will grade it in OneNote.  The Prompt title in Utah Compose is Dinosaur Extinction.  You have three revisions.


    Math Must Do:

    ·      Review math facts every day for 10 minutes (Reflex, XtraMath, flashcards)

    ·      Complete the math tab for this week in OneNote.  It can be found in Handouts and is called Math Week 3/16. The assignments are also attached to this email.


    May Do:

    ·      Discovery Education—Search for deserts, wetlands, and forests.  Remember to limit the search to grades 3-           5.  The kids know how to do this. 

    ·      Typing Pal—Practice the keyboarding lessons

    ·      Khan Academy is a great website to go to for math lessons.

    ·      Math Antics videos on YouTube are a great place to go to review specific math topics.

    ·      Kids LOVE to play on Prodigy.  It’s a math game website.

    Old Mill Fourth Grade Teachers