• Parents, 
    Attached to this email are Week 1 assignments.  These are the "Must Do's":
    • Attached are two familiar graphic organizers.  Your child may choose a hard copy book or a book from Epic/RazKids, to complete them.  
    • There are also spiral review activities attached to help students maintain their mastery of Essential Skills.  
    • Students should log onto Reflex daily for at least 20 minutes, or until they have a green light to practice math facts.  
    • Students should also log onto RazKids for twenty minutes per day to practice reading.
    For the "May Do's":
    • Students can log onto Spelling City and practice past weeks (there will be no new words assigned at this time).  
    • They may also go onto Prodigy to practice math.
    • ArtHub for Kids is a great website that does awesome art lessons.
    • Epic is a great website for reading books.
    • Typing Pal is great for practicing their keyboarding skills.
    Thank you parents for your patience during this crazy time.  Please, know we tried to make everything a review and do not want you or your children to be frustrated.  You can decide what schedule works best for your family.  I've seen several great schedules online, to keep some structure.  Please, let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I will try to address them the best that I can.  Thanks!
    Old Mill Second Grade Teachers
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