• Dear Parents,
    Below are the assignments for this week, any necessary materials are attached. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Must Dos
    • Writing Prompts - each writing piece should have an opening sentence, first, next, then, last, and a closing sentence.
      • I Found a Leprechaun
      • A Lucky Day
    • Word Lists - read each list once a day.
      • R-Controlled
      • Vowel Teams
    • Reading
      • Read at least 20 minutes each day.
      • The students have enough books to last them through the week, please have them continue writing in their reading journal.
      • If time after reading, have students do an oral five finger retell.
        • Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle, End
    • Math
      • 1 coin review page each day
      • 2 PrimeTime Math pages (There is an a and b page for each day) 
    • Spelling - Practice writing these words every day.
      • before, done, about, even
    May Dos
    • Reflex Math
    • Amplify
    • Fry Words
      • Read the column your child is on, If they can read the column fluently without sounding out, they can move on to the next column.
    Please have must dos completed and submitted by Friday, March 20. Thank you for your support during these unknown times.
    Old Mill Elementary First Grade Teachers
    (click on the colored words below to open the link)

     Week 1 Writitng

     Fry Words

    R-Controlled Vowels

    Vowel Teams