• Share your art!  We want to see what you are creating at home!  Use this link to padlet to post your own art and to see others from around the valley!

    WCSD Art Gallery 

    Disney Animator Micheal Woodside is doing daily YouTube videos of how to draw Disney Characters- he is funny and entertaining.  He also gives you a glimpse of what it is like to work as an animator for Disney.  I haven't put and YouTube links on my website becasue students cannot access them with their devices.  However, this would be a great opportunity as a whole family!  My sister in law draws everyday with her kindergartener and 5th grader to his draw along videos.  They are loving it!

    Micheal Woodside, Disney Animator 

  •   Welcome!!!!

    Hello! My name is Ms. Liz Brown.  I am the BTSALP (Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program) Visual Arts Specialist.  I teach at Old Mill, Daniels Canyon, JR Smith and Midway.  Art is proven to be able to reduce stress and promote creative thinking. 



    Tuesday, May 24th at J.R. Smith

    Wednesday, May 25th at Midway Elementary

    Resources for How to Draw:

    Art Projects for Kids

    Art Projects for Kids has a huge variety of step by step how to draw various animals and other charcaters.  You can download them in a PDF and print them off.  Check out her How to Draw Gallery!

    Art Hub for Kids

     Art Hub for Kids is a YouTube Channel with a fantastic artist who breaks down drawings into basic steps and one of his children draws with him in every video.