Aspen Tree Watercolor Painting

  • Share your art!  We want to see what you are creating at home!  Use this link to padlet to post your own art and to see others from around the valley!

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    Shape Book: 

     Click here to download the Shape Book


    The following videos are demos from Ms. Brown that will show you how to use keynote drawing tools or how to download a Keynote (they are both made for a Christmas Keynote- but they will work the exact same)!!!!

    Click here to learn how to use the Keynote Drawing Tools


    Click here to learn how to download the Shape Book




    Making Cards!

    This weekend is Mother's Day!  I wanted to give you something you could make for your Moms, Grandmas, and anyone important to you in your life (maybe for your teacher for the end of the school year)!  I will add more ideas all week so check back for new ideas! Add your own creativity and artisitc flare!  I can't wait to see your cards- put pictures on the art gallery! 

    m  b

    k  n

    Making Cards!



    b by Amy Boehme

    We will be studying BIRDS this week!  Start with learning about James John Audubon who was an artist and why we have the Audubon Society today.  My friend, Ms. Boehme, is a BTSALP art teacher in the Jordan School District tells us about him and shows us some of his art!

    My friend and our Guest Art Teacher Ms. Boehme tells us -   Who Was James John Audubon?

    Ms. Brown will show you how to use the Audubon Society Website to find interesting birds, hear bird calls, see where they live, and find out all kinds of other information about specific birds.  Then you can go to the Audubon Society Website yourself and pick a bird to draw.

    How to find a bird on the Audubon Society Website

    Audubon Society Website

    Once you have picked a bird to draw, watch Ms. Brown's DEMO on drawing birds with shapes. 

    Drawing Birds Using Basic Shapes


    ***More Art Activities with BIRDS will be coming- but first we have to work on our basic bird drawing skills!  So try sketching more than one bird- try different images of the same bird! 


     Ms. Brown doing a DEMO using Watercolor Pencils to complete bird



    Ms. Brown doing a DEMO using Oil Pastels to complete the parrot


    Jen Aranyi Style Landscapes


    I am excited to share with you a lesson I started doing with 3rd graders this year.  So, if you are in 4th or 5th grade you might not have gotten to do it!  So here is your chance. I will not . be giving the directions for the moons in this lesson.  If you are interested in adding that send me an email and I will give you directions.  Start by watching the time lapse of Jen Aranyi doing her art in her style.  Then watch the videos of me doing each step with you.

    Time Lapse of Jen Aranyi

    * Step One: Draw the Mountains

    Draw the Mountains

    ***I draw them directly in sharpie so you can see easier.  If I were you I would start with pencil and then trace over with sharpie.  Then . earse any pencil lines that are showing. You do NOT need to use a sharpie or even 2 different sizes of sharpie.  Use a colored pencil, use a black crayon... whatever you have at home!

    * Step Two: Adding Color to the Sky

    Painting the Sky

    ***In the video I show you how to do wet on wet water colors, as well as how to use water color pencils and water color crayons.  You do not need to use any of that!  Use regular crayons or colored pencils to create a master piece!  Whatever you have at home to add color to the sky will be wonderful!

    * Step Three: Adding Stars

    Adding Stars

    Jen Aranyi uses white gel pens to add her stars, and we did in class as well.  However, a lot of us do not have white gel pens at home- so this video shows you an alternative that you will need your mom's permission or help with!  If you are using regular crayons or colored pencils you could leave white spaces as you color for the stars.


    USA State Art and Research-

    Students can go to the link and pick a state to learn about.  As the learn about the state and explore the slide show of images from each state, students can create an art work of one of the landmarks of their state and write a paragraph about what they learned about their state.

    National Geographic Kids USA States


    NASA Images from Space-

    Students can research and learn about a super-massive star, called Eta Carinae, that NASA photographed. Students can create art inspired by the fireworks created by this star- paying attention to the color and texture of the images from NASA.  

    Eta Carinae Website and Video


    Animal Art and Research-

    Students can research an animal of their choice and then draw the animal from observation and complete the graphic organizer or write a paragraph about their animal. Students can use the photographs on the animal research websites for observation for students to draw and illustrate their animal.  You can draw on paper or using wixie or other online tools.  

    Animal Research Websites:

    Graphic Organizer:


    Comic Strip Story-

    Students can write and illustrate a comic strip story with a problem and a solution. Students can include the specific details about the characters through the characters thoughts, words, and actions.





    Zentangle is a method or style of doodle that is calming and relaxing.  This style is all about patterns and designs.  Students create beautiful images that are unique.  We have used sharpies; however, you can use markers, colored pencils, crayons, or whatever writing tool you have at home.  Often they are done in lack and white; however, you can create them in color or add color over the top of the black and white patterns.  You can create zentangles on a scrap of paper or the animal outlines I posted tot his page.  So many creative options!



    Gallery of Gratitude-

    Students can follow the drawing prompts to draw various things and people they are grateful for.

    Gallery of Gratitude