3-D Shapes

  • Share your art!  We want to see what you are creating at home!  Use this link to padlet to post your own art and to see others from around the valley!

    WCSD Art Gallery

  • Pirate!

    I have been invited to join many zoom meetings where I shared this lesson.  Some students were not able to be there or came in too late after we were almost finished drawing, and some classes it just hasn't been possible for me to come.  So, I thought I would post this lesson on here so you could join with us in a different way. There is a picture book, a video of me doing the drawing and I included a WORD document with a black and white picture you could print out for YOUNGER siblings!  You draw your own pirate because I KNOW YOU CAN DO AN AMAZING JOB!


    Picture Book- Pirates Love Underpants

    Video- Ms. Brown DEMO How to Draw a Pirate

    Coloring Page- Ms. Brown's Pirate in Black and White



    Please join us in showing our support and THANKS to our local Health Care Heroes by Painting Rocks for the month of MAY!

    At all the Elementary Schools in Wasatch County there is a sign and a box either at the main enterance or where students are picking up lunches for students to dropoff painted rocks.  I will pick up the rocks and place them at the hospital every Thursday.  We want to create something that will make our Health Care workers SMILE as they enter and leave the hospital.  I will post pictures on the various school Facebook pages after we place them outside the hospital.  

    Please paint the rocks with:

    * something that makes you happy

    * something that will make someone else happy

    * something inspiring!



    Making Cards!

    This weekend is Mother's Day!  I wanted to give you something you could make for your Moms,Grandmas, and anyone important to you in your life (maybe for your teacher for the end of the school year)!  I will add more ideas all week so check back for new ideas! Add your own creativity and artisitc flare!  I can't wait to see your cards- put pictures on the art gallery! 

    m  b                                                       

           k  n

    Making Cards!



    b by Amy Boehme

    We will be studying BIRDS this week!  Start with learning about James John Audubon who was an artist and why we have the Audubon Society today.  My friend, Ms. Boehme, is a BTSALP art teacher in the Jordan School District tells us about him and shows us some of his art!

    My friend and our Guest Art Teacher Ms. Boehme tells us -   Who Was James John Audubon?

    Ms. Brown will show you how to use the Audubon Society Website to find interesting birds, hear bird calls, see where they live, and find out all kinds of other information about specific birds.  Then you can go to the Audubon Society Website yourself and pick a bird to draw.

    How to find a bird on the Audubon Society Website

    Audubon Society Website

    Once you have picked a bird to draw, watch Ms. Brown's DEMO on drawing birds with shapes. 

    Drawing Birds Using Basic Shapes


    ***More Art Activities with BIRDS will be coming- but first we have to work on our basic bird drawing skills!  So try sketching more than one bird- try different images of the same bird!


     Ms. Brown doing a DEMO using Watercolor Pencils to complete the falcon



    Ms. Brown doing a DEMO using Oil Pastels to complete the parrot


    Fraction Fish


    Today you get to create a fantastic collage of an underwater scene using fractions!  There is a short video about fractions if they are new to you.  The video after is Ms. Brown creating her own underwater scene with all the directions you need!  Have FUN! Don't forget to post your art work on the padlet Gallery!

     Supplies needed: scissors, glue, a few pieces of different colored paper


    Short Video about FRACTIONS

    Ms. Brown's Fraction Fish Demo


    Here are some examples and ideas! 

    n  m n n

    m n  


    Sea Otters!

    Take some time to learn about Sea Otters!  Then use the how to draw an otter video to draw your own otter.  You can even draw more than one otter- add color with crayons, colored pencils,  markers- whatever supplies you have!  You can write a story about your otters or you can write 3 facts you learned about otters today!  

    A Day in the Life of a Sea Otter

    Otter Facts

    Picture Book: Otter The Best Job Ever

    Live Web Cam of Otters at the Georgia Aquarium

    How to Draw an Otter


    Butterfly Lifecycle and Art-

    Students can observe the lifecycle of a butterfly through video and create art inspired by butterflies.  Students can label the body parts of their butterfly.   Students can create art inspired by butterflies and their life cycle.  As you create look at the lines, shapes, colors, and textures of the butterflies- for example look closely at the texture of the egg the caterpillar come out of- it has bumps on it.  Pay attention to those details! Write a paragraph about the stages of butterfly lifecycle using first, next, then, and last.

    Time Lapse Video of Caterpillar turning into a Butterfly

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by Eric Carle

    Parts of a Butterfly


    Animal Art and Research-

    Students can research an animal of their choice and then draw the animal from observation and complete the graphic organizer or write a paragraph about their animal. Students can use the photographs on the animal research websites for observation for students to draw and illustrate their animal.  You can draw on paper or using wixie or other online tools.  

    Animal Research Websites:

    Graphic Organizer:


    Robots Everywhere-

    Students can listen to and read along to the book Robots, Robots Everywhere! by Sue Fliess, then write and illustrate their own robot story.


    Gallery of Gratitude-

    Students can draw various things they are grateful for.

    Gallery of Gratitude