Extracurricular activities, such as those presented below, add interest and prestige to the cadet corps. Cadets are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one of them. Participation in these activities is contingent on academic eligibility. Being able to particpate in LDR's brings so much life to the corps, there really is something for everyone in this program.


    There is a lot of physical and mental effort is required in this activity. Here you will take the skills you have learned in normal classroom drill and ceremonies to a new level of expertise and precision. Drill teams compete statewide. You learn how to spin and march with an pound rifle. To be a drill team member requires before school practice, learning the manual of arms, extreme concentration, complete compliance with the drill team commander’s commands, extra care of the uniform and the desire for public competition.



    Raider team is a team dedicated to ensuring the physical fitness of AFJROTC cadets. They train throughout the year in multiple physically challenging aspects and compete in annual competitions. You learn how to push your body to the limit. It is such a rewarding expeirnce to push yourself that hard and it is always super fun for those who do it.


    The Academic Bowl team is a selective team composed of cadets profecient in acedamics of all sorts. These students will be selected and invited onto the team by the SASI. They compete in subjects such as English, Math, Science, Military Studies, and Current Events and compete in global academic competitions throughout the school year. 


    This elite group has the honor of presenting and posting the national, state and school colors at important school and community activities. Preforming at footabll games, basketball games, community events, small concerts, and other events. It is really easy way to particpate in the corps and you have a super fun time learning.

    Members may also participate in the competition team where you participate in local and statewide competitions. The honor, however, more than compensates for the effort required. You learn a standeridzed routine and compete in teams of 4. You become super close with your team and there are many laughs as we pratice.


    Model rocketry is designed, building, and flying of rockets that are made of paper, plastic, balsa wood, or any other lightweight material. A model rocketry program can provide an exciting introduction for cadets to concepts of aerospace engineering and design and the basic concepts of flight and space. It can motivate cadets to attain a greater knowledge of aerospace studies and arouse interest in aerospace careers.

    Model planes is where you are able to construch and build your plane to hang up in the classroom or cadet ops. Cadets love the ability to put together and paint planes working on precision as well as their patience.


     In an effort to produce well-informed and helpful citizens, AFJROTC encourages its cadets to get involved in their local communities. This aspect of AFJROTC is one of the most rewarding and fun. The number, type, and size of cadet service projects are limited only by imagination. Cadets are able to build a sense of pride in helping the community and the whole cadet corps racked up over 1400 hours in the year 2020-2021. 


      This elite group has the honor of performing at special events such as Homecoming, Awards Night, the Military Ball and other special occasions, by learning how to perform a “saber arch” in front of large audiences. They practice weekly to perfect technique and it is hard work being able to hold up a sword for a long period of time. 


    KHAS is the academic honor society of AFJROTC. Its purpose is to promote high academic standards and achievement. KHAS also developed leadership abilities, recognizes academic excellence, and further members' knowledge of the Air Force role in aerospace.  In order to be admitted, an instructor will review your eligibility. Being in Kitty Hawk you are also their to help others and tutor in subjects your preform well in.