• Language Arts



    I believe reading is crucial in a student's success in life, therefore, I place a strong emphasis on it. Each night students will bring home a Book Buddy that will have a book, a Reading Journal, Sight Words, and Vocabulary words.

    Please have your child read to the book to you, answer the assigned question, practice his/her Sight Words, and go over the Vocabulary Words.

    Have fun reading with your child.  You can take turns reading because students benefit from having an experienced reader model reading to them.

    Help create a love of reading for you child!


    Spelling Words for Year: (Spelling and Dictation tests are given on Thursdays.)

    Week #1 (Week of August 31st):  the, of, and, a 

    Week #2 (Week of September 7th):  to, in, is, you          

    Week #3 (Week of September 14th):  that, it, he, was 

    Week #4 (Week of September 21st):  for, on, are, as  

    Week #5 (Week of September 28th):  with, his, they, I, at 

    Week #6 (Week of October 6th):  be, this, have, from 

    Week #7 (Week of October 19th):  or, one, had, by  

    Week #8 (Week of October 26th):  words, but, not, what  

    Week #9 (Week of November 2nd):  all, were, we, when   

    Week #10 (Week of November 9th):  your, can, said, there 

    Week #11 (Week of November 16th):  use, an, each, which 

    Week #12 (Week of November 30th):  she, do, how, their, if  

    (3 weeks of review of previously taught words.) 

    Week #13 (Week of January 4th):  will, up, other, about 

    Week #14 (Week of January 11th):  out, many, then, them

    Week #15 (Week of January 18th):  these, so, some, her 

    Week #16 (Week of January 25th):  would, make, like, him 

    Week #17 (Week of February 1st):  into, time, has, look

    Week #18(Week of February 8th) :  two, more, write, go, see

    (3 weeks of review of previously taught words.)   

    Week #19 (Week of March 23rd):  number, no, way, could 

    Week #20 (Week of March 29th):  people, my, than, first 

    Week #21 (Week of April 5th):  water, been, called, who 

    Week #22 (Week of April 12th):  oil, sit, now, find 

    Week #23 (Week of April 19th):  long, down, day, did 

    Week #24 (Week of April 26th): get, come, made, may, part 

     (The remainder of the year will be a review of all previously taught words.)