• Language Arts


    Spelling Words for Year

    Week #1:  -at, -ad, -an         the, see, go, she, and

    Week #2:  -ag, -it, -ig           play, little, you, with

    Week #3:  -op, -og, -ot         for, no, jump, one, have

    Week #4:  -et, -en, -ell         are, said, two, look, my

    Week #5:  -ug, -up, -un         come, here, to, of

    Week #6:  -ob, -ot, -ock        what, put, want, this, saw

    Week #7:  -im, -ill, -ick         now, do, which, went

    Week #8:  -ap, -an, -ag         was, there, then, out

    Week #9:  -ent, -est             who, good, by, them 

    Week #10: -ung, -ing, -ink   were, our, could, these

    Week #11: -unk, -ump       once, upon, hurt, that

    Week #12: -ash, -ack            because, from, their, when 

    Week #13: -am. -ake        why, many, right, start

    Week #14: -ope, -ape            find, how, over, under 

    Week #15: -ace, -age            try, give, far, too

    Week #16: -ine, -ife, -ide   after, call, large, her

    Week #17: -ale, -ane, -une    house, long, off, small

    Week #18: -ail, -ain, -ay        brown, work, year, live     

    Week #19: -ow, -oat, -old     found, your, know, always 

    Week #20: -eat, -eet, -eed all, people, where, draw

    Week #21: -ight, -ice, -ile  again, round, they, country

    Week #22: -ar, -all                four, great, boy, city

    Week #23: -orn, ore, oar      laugh, move, change, away

    Week #24: -ern, -urn             every, near, school, earth 

    Week #25: -out, -ouse, -own before, done, about, even

    Week #26: -oil, -oin               walk, buy, only, through 

    Week #27: -oom, -ood           does, another, wash, some

    Week #28: -oon, -ool             better, carry, learn, very

    Week #29: -aw, awn               mother, father, never, below 

    Week #30: -eep, -ey              blue, answer, eight, any 



    Students will bring home a Book Buddy that will have books for the entire week, a Reading Journal, Sight Words, and Vocabulary words.

    Please have your child read to the book to you, answer the assigned question, practice his/her Sight Words, and go over the Vocabulary Words.

    Have fun reading with your child.  You can take turns reading because students benefit from having an experienced reader model reading to them.

    Help create a love of reading!