• 3rd Grade Wonders!




    What is Genius Hour?

    "Simply put, Genius Hour is inquiry-based, student-directed learning. Sometimes called Passion Pursuit, it gives students an opportunity to look at the big wide world around them and explore their own unique interests in a loosely structured, but supported, way."  We are Teachers.com


    How it works.

    1.  Pick a topic.  Brainstorm.  Really think because this is something you will get academically invested in.  


    2.  Develop a question you will answer. Why you want to learn about it?  This isn't something you should be able to google and form a simple opinion.  


    3.  Do the research.  Research using books, websites, articles, videos, etc.  Take notes in your own words to help formulate your own opinion.  


    4.  Show what you know!  Publish, design, create something that shows your knowledge on the topic and it should answer the driving question.


    4.  Reflect.  How did you do?  Did you answer your question?  Did you enjoy it?


    4th Grade Genius Hour Topics or Questions


    5th Grade Genius Hour Topics or Questions