4th Grade:  Design a City. (adapted from TPT, to make it more iPad friendly)

    Link to the PowerPointDesign a City


    4th Grade:  UTAH ROAD TRIP!


    Congratulations!  You won the Ultimate Utah Road Trip!  You and three of your closest friends! 



    You need to pay for gas.  Your car doesn’t go forever.  Gas costs 2.75 per gallon. 

    You will need to pay for meals!

    You will need to pay for lodging!

    You need to bring at least one other person but if you bring more people it will cost you more!

    You will stay in UTAH!

    You will create a travel journal of where you go!

    You have to get back home!

    You have to show your work for the math!

    You will plan for 5 days.

    If you do more, that is fine, but you will only show math for all 5 days!

    It will look like the chart that is on the slides.


    3rd Grade