• Dream House Project


    Congratulations! You have won the contest to create your own dream house. Now you must design it. In this project you will create a two-dimensional drawing of your dream house. Your dream house can include anything and everything you desire. It must also include some of the geometric shapes you have been studying (which is, of course, something you desire!). You will be the architect and the construction manager of this project.



    Part 1: Floor Plan Drawing.         


    The first phase of your project will be to create a plan drawing of one floor of your house. It must include measurements and must also include at least one of each of these types of shapes:


    SCALE:  ½ inch= 1 foot


    • Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle or a semi circle, trapezoid, parallelogram, and rhombus


    Your drawing must have these elements:

    • Each of your rooms must be neatly drawn and clearly labeled with what type of room it is and what type of shape it is, along with measurements.
      • Minimum Rooms Required:
        • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 garage.
      • Your drawing must be large and drawn on the paper provided.
      • You must use pencil.
      • Your house must have realistic measurements and should be something in which someone would actually live.
      • Each measurement must be labeled on the floor plan.
      • You will need to have windows, doors, and closets, etc
      • Be creative! Have fun with the design and make it very imaginative.
      • Before moving to Part Two, you will need teacher approval.


    Cost of items for Part 1:

    Planning Committee Approval

    -Final approval

    -any time I send plans back to you and you have to resubmit it will cost you money each time.




    Not using pencil


    Not completing plans on time


    Not labeled properly

    $500 for each label missing

    Messy Plans

    $10,000 and have to redo it

    Part 2: Area Calculations


    The second half of your project is to outfit your dream house. Your dream house must have some type of flooring. In order to determine how much flooring you will need, you must calculate the area of each room and then decide which type of flooring you will use for each room.


    You will need to produce clear calculations for the area of each room. You must have teacher approval before moving to Part Three.


    Assignment:  You will need to show me your calculations on your floor plan and then use that information to calculate the flooring cost. 


    Part 3: Total Area and Cost


    You must choose at least two different types of flooring to use in your house. You will also need to figure out the total cost for the type of flooring. Using the areas calculations from part two and the prices for flooring listed below, choose your type of flooring and calculate how much it will cost.


    • Carpet: $1.75 per square foot
    • Linoleum: $1.25 per square foot
    • Ceramic Tile: $3 .00per square foot
    • Hardwood flooring: $4.25 per square foot
    • Cement: $2.50 per square foot


    Part 4:  Wall Coverings

    • White Paint: $1.00 per square foot
    • Color Paint: $1.50 per square foot
    • Wallpaper: $1.75 per square foot


    You must just choose at least 2 different types of wall coverings in two places in your house.  You will need to figure out the total cost for the type of wall coverings.  Using the area calculations to choose your type f wall coverings. 


    You must also decide on a type of renewable energy generator you would like to use to power your house. You can decide on solar PV panels, wind turbines, or even micro-hydro power. To decide, think about where your house will be built. Review the videos and read about each type of power generator, then decide which system or combination of systems would work best for you. Add your system to your drawing and include a paragraph describing your system and the reasons you chose it.


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