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    Coding challenge for October and November!  It is the homework for GATE!  Students will start off with block coding but will begin to learn how to do Javascript and HTML!  Students will be working on this at school and at home.  There are teaching tutorials that they should do.  They can read or listen to the directions.  At the end of October I will assign an assignment that they will complete.  The month of October is just to get everyone used to coding again and to start with simple HTML.  



    3rd grade:  ex.  anna33  Password:  anna33 If the students name is short, there might be an extra 3.  


    4th grade:  ex. anna44  Password:  anna44


    5th grade:  ex. anna55  Password:  anna55


    If you can't log in, send me an email!  I can email your child's log in!






    We're starting off the school year by asking you to think about your own personal brand. What makes you, YOU?  What stands out about you?  What do you like?  Think about the power of adding your own personal logo.  This logo should be a graphic that represents/symbolizes you.  This challenge is just a fun way to express yourself. 

    If you're unsure where to start, take a look at this list of adjectivesand identify the ones that best describe you. Use the adjectives you pick to help guide your design. If you need logo inspiration, check out these samples.

    You may use any digital graphic creation program to create your logo. We recommend using Canvaor Google Drawing. For this challenge, you can draw it but it will need to be uploaded digitally. The design must be original!  You should not try and copy something from the internet!  It should really showcase you!

    If you incorporate graphics from the web into your logo, make sure they are copyright free. The Noun Projectis a great place to find free, copyright free images for you to add to your design.


    All logos are due: September 30th