Class Change Request

  • Our goal at Rocky Mountain Middle School is to provide a rich academic environment that meets the needs of all students.  We focus on preparing our students for the challenges of high school and life after high school.  This means preparing students to face adversity and equipping them with the skills to adjust to a variety of teachers, professors, employers, and others.  Our students will gain much from curriculum, lectures, projects, and assignments.  However, the educational process includes far more than that; students also gain valuable insight and maturity from interacting with different people and adjusting to a variety of teachers. For this reason, class changes will only be made after all of the steps in the RMMS Class Change Policy have been taken to remedy the situation.  For more information on the RMMS Class Change Policy, please click on the link below.

    RMMS Class Change Policy

    Class Change Request Form

Last Modified on August 29, 2019