Ms. Medler's Integrated Science Class

Science is Magic
Flame on
  • Students will have a valuable learning experience, including discovery through technological integration, hands-on scientific processes, and collaborative learning activities. My belief is learning should be a fun experience that encourages a lifelong love of learning.  I also believe that a classroom is a community of learning citizens, and all students are valuable and play a critical role through displaying civic virtue.  This environment is essential in promoting learning, providing challenges, and encouraging students to take necessary risks that promote development.

    I will require all students to come prepared and ready to learn.  A charged iPad is a must as it will have many of the applications used during class. I will work with students to gain success academically, socially, and for their future educational situations. Writing will be an integral part of their learning within integrated science.

    Students will be able to access all classwork and homework through OneNote, online, and through Wasatch Canvas making home access available and easy.