• ELL Disclosure

    Mr. Kevin Brindle

    Welcome to ELL Reading!

    Everyone at TMS will Achieve at High Levels and Build a Culture of Learning and Respect.

                This class is designed to enhance reading and writing skills in preparation for high school and to prepare students to pass the State required WIDA ACCESS test.  The focus will be on building comprehension and writing skills, as well as Speaking and Listening skills.

    Pearson ILit is an online program that will be used daily to improve reading skills.


    • Students MUST Be prepared for class with charged ipad, charger, headphones, and pen or pencil.
    • Cell phones are not allowed in class. Keep them in backpacks.  If cell phones are used, they will be confiscated and sent to the office to be retrieved by parents.

    Class Procedures:

    Every day, the ipads will be used.  ILit has its own grading component.  Grades for assignments from ILit will be transferred to SIS to be recorded for the student’s grade.

    • Daily Bell Ringer activity – When the tardy bell rings, students should have ipads charged and logged into the ILit program. The Bell Ringer will be on the board.  Usually, it will be reading from the ILit library on line (choose from over 1500 books of all reading levels).  ILit also has an online notebook which I will use to assign written responses to the reading.  I will be taking attendance during this time.
    • We will proceed to the lessons of the day.
    • Sit in assigned seats.

    Materials Needed:  Head phones, charged ipad, charger, pen or pencil, paper.  Being unprepared may affect participation and citizenship points.

    Hall Pass Policy:  1 person only per hall pass. Excessive requests will result in loss of privilege. 

    Attendance and Tardy Policy:  A tardy is recorded if a student is not in class when the bell rings. CITIZENSHIP grade will drop after the 3rd tardy.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and make up assignments missed during absences.


    Citizenship Policy:  Schoolwide expectations regarding hoodies, earbuds, cell phones, dress code, etc.

    • Honors = Prepared each day with ipad and materials. In seat and on task when bell rings. Participates in class and is respectful to others. Assignments are completed and turned in on time.
    • Satisfactory=Prepared most days with ipad and other materials. In seat and on task when bell rings. Participates in class and is respectful. Most assignments are completed on time.
    • Needs Improvement=Must be reminded often to be prepared with ipad and materials. Must be reminded to be in seat and on task when bell rings. Excessive talking, out of seat, disrespectful to teacher and others (including subs, aides, counselors, etc.). Using devices during class time for activities not approved by the teacher.
    • Unsatisfactory=Seldom prepared for class each day with proper devices and materials. Refuses to participate in class. Does not complete assignments. Disrespectful to teacher, aides, visitors, and other students. Disrupts class. Playing games on devices during class time. Excessive tardiness.

    Consequences:  discussion with teacher, parent contacted, referral to office, Citizenship grade lowered.


    Course Expectations: Attendance:

    In Person: Students are expected to attend school when they healthy and able to do so safely, and when they are unable to attend class, they should be checking our online Canvas course to stay caught up. Students should be on time and prepared with a pencil and their I-pad charged.
    Distance Learning: In the event that we are moved to distance learning, students will be expected to attend class during our scheduled class time, unless you have completed and shown proficient in your weekly work. You will receive a message from me indicating you are not required to attend class. If you miss a distance class meeting you will be marked absent in SIS and your parents will receive a phone call. Monday class meetings will be mandatory for all students, as this is when we will outline the work for the week.

    In Person: You will be expected to take part in class discussions and read aloud or record yourself reading for the purpose of increasing fluency. You will be expected to proficiently complete your classwork list each week. Failure to complete assigned tasks will result in additional assignments, loss of free time, and homework.
    Distance Learning: You will be expected to participate in class meetings. Your camera must be on for class. If you have a technical issue you will be given a day to resolve the issue with the technology department. If called on during virtual class, you will have two opportunities to respond (15 seconds apart) and if you fail to respond you will be marked absent.

    Work Completion:
    In Person and Distance Learning: Students will be assigned practice activities to reinforce what we are learning in class. If they are unable to demonstrate proficiency on the formative assessments each week, they will be provided small group or one on one remediation and assigned additional practice which will become homework. If students consistently are unable to complete work proficiently a meeting may be scheduled to determine a better placement for the student.



    Office Hours/Contact Time:  Call me with questions or concerns (school phone is 654-0550).  E-mail: kevin.brindle@wasatch.edu.   I’m usually here early or any day after school.  My prep time is 4th Period.  School-wide consultation and tutoring time is right after school on Mondays (1:21-2:21).

    I have read the above syllabus and understand the responsibilities and procedures that it outlines.


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