• Spelling City:

    Students will be studying a differentiated spelling list each week based on their scores from an initial assessment, interim assessments, and weekly spelling assessments. I will also be evaluating each student's understanding of spelling patterns in their daily writing to determine which list will be most beneficial for them.

    I have created spelling lists in Spelling City that correlates with the work we are doing each morning in our daily language instruction (DLI).  Spelling City not only enables students to gain a better understanding of spelling patterns, but also increases understanding of vocabulary and parts of speech.

    Students will also create meaning in reading and writing instruction based on the work we are doing in our Daily Language Instruction and Spellingcity. I have found that by purposely targeting specific concepts in numerous literacy areas, students are able to transfer their learning into their reading and writing.

    Please have your student begin the week with the "Teach Me" button. Have your student practice each night using the website. On Thursday night, please have your student take a spelling test in Spelling City in order to prepare them for our assessment each Friday.


    Students will also be working towards spelling mastery regarding the first grade, second grade, and third grade sight words lists. I have created lists of 25 words based on the sight word lists. Each student will be working towards getting a 100% score on each of the lists until they have competed the final list for third grade. 

    Students may work on these lists at home as well. If they pass a list off at home, please have them print the assessment containing their score of 100 % and sign it. Students may return the signed assessment to me so that I may track their progress.