JR Smith Preschool

    Miss Sunni and Ms. Crystal 

    We have been working hard to create some new learning opportunities. Digital learning is new to us, so there will be some glitches along the way. Please know we are trying our best to provide you with great learning resources. We understand how difficult this may be. Do what you can, this is a new adventure for all of us! We love and miss our kids! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our email is the best way to communicate any questions or suggestions! We got this!!!



    Heidi Westrop's Webpage 

    Mrs. Westrop's link has many learning resources. Click on the Kindergarten tab and let the learning continue! 

    We will be putting lesson plans on our webpages. The tab will be called Daily Lesson Plans. 

    These are the Essential skills we will be working on for the weeks to come. 


    1. Letter Recognition RF 3.a: Recognize that letters have names (18).
    2. Letter Recognition RF 3.a: Recognize that letters have sounds. (18).
    3. Vocabulary, oral language SL 4: with prompting and support, describe, familiar people, places, things, and event. (2)
    4. Writing Letters L 1.a: Print some letters of the alphabet, including those in name. W 5.c Start to produce writing that is legible.
    5. First Sound: RF 2.d: Recognize initial sounds of words.


    1. Rote Counting CC1: Begin to count to 10 by ones (20.)
    2. One-to-One Correspondence and cardinality CC 4.a: Use one-to-one correspondence when counting up to 5 objects (10.)